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letter from the editors

Co-written by GPT-3

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This is how we've come to know conspiracy as a collective: with specific images and moments that help to organize the whole into a new narrative or way of thinking about something. Conspiracy is generally thought of as an event, a moment, the removal of masks, an exposure. But what about nonspiracy? Given its dual nature (as both noun, nonspiracy, and verb, nonspire) we might look at "nonspiracy" as processes constantly interacting with each other in an attempt to surface.

"nonspiracy" suggests a different way of approaching conspiracy. 'non' meaning not one, allows us to explore the not one, but many other aspects of conspiracy. The ones that appear when and where we don't expect them to; in shapes and forms that change over time. Nonspiracy is also a reflection of the past, present and future forever colliding with each other. It is a look at history, not with the intent of retelling it as it's known, but instead reconsidering its shape and form as an ever-evolving nonlinear narrative.

We have found the space between extremes in the idea of nonspiracy. We think of it as a liminal playground for our imaginations - exploring the vast and tremendous possibilities offered by nonspiracy, a way of using it as an instrument to investigate and understand the future. We know that we need to embody nonspiracies if we are to survive.

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